10 Places to Visit in Australia.


Australia is known to be a tourist hot-spot and for good reasons too because it is a beautiful countries with a lot of diversity. It is a country that would has something to offer to everyone, ranging from thrill seekers, to shopaholics to people who like culture of a new country. It has in its store many wonders and delights to offer to people and listed below are just 10 of them.

Great Barrie Reef

It is situated off the coast of Queensland in Coral Sea, and is considered to be the largest coral reef in the world. The entire reef stretches over 900 islands, and a distance of 2600km. In fact, the reef is so huge that you can see it from space. The reef is the home of a diverse marine life that includes – dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks and other creatures. It is an ideal place of visit for divers and also those who fancy a cruise. For those who do not like diving, boats with glass bottoms assure that they are not missing out the fun.

Sydney Harbour

It is considered to be the first location where the Europeans settled and has become an iconic figure in Australia’s history. The harbour is the location of the well known, Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Bridge, which is a breathtaking sight for all tourists.


An island at the southern most tip of the country, Tasmania is famous for its natural beauty that constitutes forests, mountains and lakes. It has a diverse wildlife and is a good place for camping and hiking.


It is largest city in the country and is well known for its shops, restaurants, museums, parks and is a famous urban center of the world. There is something for everybody in Melbourne.


It is situated at south of Australian mainland and has a hot climate and is famous for its wine. The climate helps in the production of some of the best wines in the country. Visiting it will give an idea of the vineyard culture of the country.

Ayers Rock

It is an UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the most visited sites in Australia. Located in northern Australia, it is the biggest monolith known to mankind. Made of sandstone, it is known to change colour from orange to blue to red from sunrise to sunset. There is a point for watching the sunrise and sunset.

The Great Ocean Road

With a length of 250km, the road runs from Bellarine peninsula to Warrnambool and is a must for all those who love driving. The road runs through a lot of winding cliffs and has scope for you to explore the countryside. The Great Ocean Walk and the Surf Coast Walk are some of them that one can take.

Fraser Island

This tourist hotspot is known for its white sandy beaches and is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. It is also known for its crystal blue water and rainforest that borders the beaches. The island has Lake Mackenzie, which is a paradise for bird watchers, as it is famous for its avian population. Also one might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the humpback whale from the beach.

Daintree Rain Forest

It is famous national park of Australia and is know for its lush rainforest, which surrounds the Cape. It is known for a number of animal and plant species. It is a short drive with the help of wypożyczalnia samochodów szczecin (car rental bristles). It is just located 3 hours from Cairns. There are people who live in the nearby villages, who are the locals and who are helpful and are known to offer tours to tourists. Snorkeling is definitely on the list of activities, along with hiking in the forest and camping.

Gold Coast

It is one of the best known water themed parks and is heaven for surfers and swimmers. It is located about a 100kn from Brisbane and is known to be a popular surf breaking point within Australia. Other than water themed adventure parks, there are other theme parks and golf courses. Also it is a popular place for film production within the country.

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