10 Best Shopping Stores Of Stockholm.


The biluthyrning stockholm services are very much popular in the city; you can rent them for any purpose, especially for shopping as it involves lots of travelling. You can rent them as per your need and budget as different models of cars are available at different rates, so get one and explore the following stores in comfortable way:

  1. Ahlens: This is a very popular departmental store; you can get everything related to the everyday necessities. From books, cosmetics, groceries to electronics and readymade food, everything is available here at reasonable rates.
  2. Chokladfabriken: Get the best varieties of chocolates in this shop; make sure to taste the hot chocolate, which is made by using 70% cocoa dark chocolate and the cardamom praline. All the chocolates feature different artworks which makes them more attractive.
  3. WESC: You will love this place as it offers all the latest, fashionable dresses. From denims to silk and satins, you can get every variety here at good rates so visit the place by renting a car.
  4. Pet Sounds Records: Buy the rock, Latin and pop music from this store; even music related books are also available here for getting the knowledge about the type of music.
  5. Mode Rosa: Take a rental car and visit this shop, which started in 1940 and since then it is selling the best varieties of hats. You can get them in different colors and patterns, from cool, classy hats to cute hats, make sure to buy few of them for making a good hat collection.
  6. Hallongrottan: If you love to read books then visit this store as it offers so many different varieties, you can get every type here from kid’s books to literatures, fictions to romance, every book is available here at good rates.
  7. Defyra: Get the silkscreen-printed children’s sweaters and T-shirts, hand-printed postcards and wallpapers, etc. in this store. Make sure to rent a car while visiting the place as you will defiantly end up buying many things as the collection is great and the rates are affordable.
  8. Beyond Retro: This store is best to visit by renting a car, only if you are fan of vintage style clothing. You can get everything her, from hats, dresses to shirts and belts; everything is available at good rates.
  9. Modernity: Buy the furniture of 20th-century from this store, even iconic jewelry and glassware can also be purchased at high rates. Every piece is unique and classy, which makes the store one of the favorite among people.
  10. Sprall: Children would love this store as it offers different wooden toys, Mr and Mrs Baker dolls and knitted teddies. Even super-cute designer clothes are also available for kids in various designs, colors and sizes.

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