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2014 Beaujolais Nouveau and other Nouveau wines are here


For a number of years now, it has been a tradition to release, on teh third Monday of November, the red wine of the year’s harvest in Beaujolais.

This event is celebrated in many European wine – drinking countries i.e France, Belgium, the Netherlands and others, and North America mainly the U.S.A and Canada.

Some of the nouveau wines must be airfreighted to North American markets, but today many are shipped early with the agreement of the importer to release them as established. Shipping early and by boat cuts cost.

This year the official release date is November 20 in Ontario.

In the past decades Beaujolais nouveau was promoted with much hoopla and lavish tasting parties, but now it has become a more sedate affair in the laboratory of the L.C. B. O at least for wine writers.

Nouveau style wines are simple, “quaffing” and light wines for finger foods, cold cuts, pastas with ragu sauce (Italian style tomato and meat sauce), and pizzas.

This season nine nouveau style wines offered are – one from Ontario, five from Beaujolais, one from Pays d’Oc, and two from Italy

Gamay Nouveau, Reif Estate Winery, Ontario
Purple colour with faint gamay aromas. It is smooth, and mid-weight with a bit of residual sugar
600 cases $ 11.95

Art’s Beaujolais Primeur Nouveau, Beaujolais, France
Light purple colour. Acid-driven with little extract and depth.
500 cases, $ 13.95

Beaujolais Nouveau, J. Mommessin, Beaujolais, France
Purple colour. Very thin, and acid-driven. A quaffing wine that requires fatty food.
1240 cases, $ 13.95

Gamay Nouveau, G. Duboeuf, Beaujolais, France
Purple colour. Weak aromatics, acids-driven and very light
1750 cases, $ 13.95

Beaujolais Villages Nouveau, G. Duboeuf, Beaujolais, France
Purple colour. Light, little depth. Requires fatty foods.
1600 cases, $ 14.95

Beaujolais Village Nouveau, J. Drouhin, Beaujolais, France
Purple-ruby colour. Mid-weight to full body, some depth with good acidity and not too long finish
1750 cases $ 15.95

Primeur Syrah/Merlot, Catalans, Pays D’Oc, France
Dark purple in colour. Full bodied, fruity with some depth and appeal. Long aftertaste
1500 cases, $ 9.95

Novello Rosso Terre Di Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy
Dark purple in colour. Fruity, full bodied, a little tannic. Enjoyable with fatty foods, like charcuterie, pasta with ragu sauce, pizza, hard cheeses
1125 cases, $ 9.45

Novello Del Veneto, Veneto, Italy
Purple colour. Light body, acids driven lacking depth.
1640 cases, $ 9.95