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28 days in Provence

The author is one of Australia’s most acclaimed chefs, and owns Café Vue and Vue de Monde in Melbourne, who served his apprenticeship in Paris, France.

He decided to rent a house in western Provence (Luberon) and take his family (wife and three children) to live there for four weeks, exploring the environment, people, fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, olive oils, herbs and everything edible.

First and foremost his writing style exudes enthusiasm of discovery and food.

While he and his family lived in the villa, he travelled to nearby towns’ visiting bakeries, farmers markets, butchers, and cafes to see how people in Provence live, think, and eat.

The experiences led him to dig up old and new recipes based on local produce. French, especially the people of Provence, still like to eat seasonal foods.

The more than 80 recipes in this book are exceptional and relatively easy to produce, once you have ascertained all ingredients, and have a basic knowledge of cooking.

But if you don’t want to cook, the daily living described in this highly informative and insightful book is well worth reading.

Even a simple tomato salad recipe is delicious but soup au pistou sounds more enticing.

Shannon Bennett does not forget desserts and the lemon, honey, and olive oil cake presented tastes not only lip smacking, but easy to bake!

Highly recommended

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