3 of the World’s Most Impressive Vineyards.

Love wine? Then you’ll love this list of 3 of the world’s most impressive vineyards! Buying wine is one of life’s little pleasures but actually visiting some of the vineyards where the wine is made makes it all the more enjoyable…

…take a look at 3 of the world’s most impressive vineyards below:

Thelema Mountain Vineyards – South Africa


A highly impressive vineyard and undoubtedly one of the best that South Africa has to offer having been established back in the early 80’s. The vast vineyard, which extends to over 150ha of land, and which resides at over 600m above sea level in places is famed for a wide variety of delicious wines including favourites such as Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

It has been a massive undertaking to turn Thelma Mountain into one of the world’s most respected vineyards as there wasn’t a single vine on the estate when it was taken over by the McLean family. So, if you ever find yourself in South Africa and want to visit a stunningly situated vineyard and taste some beautiful wines then definitely make time to drop by Thelma Mountain Vineyard.

Flowers Vineyard – USA:


A stunningly situated vineyard found on the West coast of the United States within the Sonoma region. The Flowers vineyard is certainly one of the USA’s most recognisable winemakers and they are particularly well-known for their fantastic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The award winning vineyard welcomes visitors who are after a taste of the delicious red and white wines and there are few vineyards with such a spectacular view in the early mornings and during the sunset each day. USA wines now have one of the best reputations in the world and this is courtesy to the quality of vineyards such as Flowers.

Castello Banfi Vineyard – Italy:


Situated in the Tuscany region of Italy, the absolutely stunning Castello Banfi vineyard is one of Italy’s most famous vineyards and boasts an incredibly striking backdrop. Italian wines have established a reputation for their great quality and many of them will have been made at this magnificent vineyard. It is open to be visited by the public between the months of March and November and Tuscany is such a picturesque region, you’ll be able to find plenty of other sights to take in after you’ve visited this beautiful vineyard. Easily accessible from both Florence and Rome airports, you’ve got no excuse not to fit in a stop at Castello Banfi vineyard on your next trip to Italy.


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