4 Novel Ways to Experience Sydney.


Sydney, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, sees over a million tourists come through it each year. It’s a stunning location topped off with a vibrant city, and people from all walks of life want to experience a slice of Sydney life. If you’re thinking of visiting Sydney and want a slightly different way of experiencing its beauty, we’ve come up with four different ideas for getting under its skin, so to speak. From a Sydney Harbour cruise that takes in the lights of the city from the water to an underwater adventure at Watson’s Bay, here are a few ways to see Sydney you might not have thought of.


Sure, there’s a lot of action going on above the water, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that there’s a whole other side to Sydney, and it’s happening underwater. The Sydney Aquarium offers a glimpse of Sydney under the sea, but if you want to go even one step further, why not take in the reefs and rocks of nearby Watson’s Bay? Camp Cove is a prime scuba-diving location and classes are run there often. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or you want to learn the basics and get certified, underwater Sydney will reveal a whole new side to the harbour city.

From The Sky

It’s amazing how small something can look when you’re looking at it from a bird’s eye view. As vast as Sydney is with its 6 million inhabitants, it looks like a toy town when viewed from a great height. There are many ways in which you can get this perspective on Sydney—either take a scenic flight in a helicopter, a small-plane ride out to the Blue Mountains, a hot-air balloon ride in the early morning mist or—if you’re really daring—skydiving. There’s a skydiving center just outside of Sydney, which, for a very reasonable fee, will take you up about 10,000ft…and then drop you. Nice, hey?


Not many people know this, but Sydney has an intricate network of underground tunnels and silos underneath its city streets. One great way to learn about another side of Sydney is to take a tour through the passageways, learning about WW1 tunnels, storage units built by convicts, and most impressively of all, the Tank Stream, still in use today.

From the Harbour

Viewing Sydney from Sydney Harbour has a certain poetic ring to it, and you’ll certainly be swept up in the moment when you’re looking at the breathtaking city from the gentle blue waters of the harbour. You can take a yacht, sailboat, jet boat, ferry or catamaran…you can even make a meal of it and take a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise, drifting by multi-million dollar mansions and historic sites while chowing down on some fine local produce!


is beautiful no matter how you look at it—but we’re betting you’ll get a little something extra out of looking at it in any of the ways we’ve mentioned.

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