5 sexy ways which makes your wine taste better.

wineWine tasting is a delicate art. Those who knew it, always flaunt it. It takes serious studies to understand the nature of wine and food. Similarly wine serving is also an art. There are various expensive wines available in the market. Wine serving is no less than wine tasting. If you want to know and present your spirit in a better way then there are few simple methods to follow. You don’t have to study complicated things. You can make wine taste much better with these sexy and stylish methods. Follow the five essential ways and we promise that your wine will taste even better.

Wine And Food – The first step to make your wine better is to choose correct wine. It is also important to serve right kind of food with wine. Basic rules are white wine with white meat or sea food and red wine with red meat. Although it is not as easy as it seems. So here are some seductive combinations of food and wine. Strawberries with or without chocolate are blend well with sweet vin doux natural. Light strawberry desert goes perfect with Champagne or sparkling wine. Smoked salmon can blend with versatile wines such as chilled polish vodka as well as sherry. Lasagne should be served alongside Chardonnay, red burgundy or fuller white wine.

Wine Glasses – Wine glasses are just not display of beauty but they can make wine taste better. Always use thinner glass and hold wine glass by stem. Use bigger wine glasses for red wine to feel strong aroma and complexity. Wine glasses with smaller rim should be used for white wine of delicate aromas. Stop pouring red wine at widest part of glass, this will allow better aeration. Don’t spend blindly on expensive crystals without considering your wine.

Temperature – Wine is delicate and volatile, hence should be served at right temperature. Red wines should be served at room temperature while white wines must be served chilled but there is more to it. Each wine opens up its aroma at unique temperature. Ideal temperature for storing red wines is 52F- 65F. White wines should be store at 45F-50F.

Aeration – It is means exposing wine to air. It makes younger wines balanced and enhances older wines. Younger wines needs more time to aeration while mature wines need less time. Red wines improves with aeration so does white wines. Aged wines (older than 15 years) should not be aerated more than few minutes. Easier way for aeration of wine is the use of decanters. Faster way is electronic aerator. Another method is to pour wine at maximize distance from bottle to glass without spilling it.

Decanting – Decanters are symbol of glamour and alluring style. People spend many on artistic decanters. It’s really important to decanter wine in right way. Traditional method is to hold candle in one hand and pour wine in the decanter in steady motion with other hand. This method is sexy and complicated. You can use simpler method using aerating funnel with filter. It will aerate wine and remove undesired elements. Leave the bottle upright for about 24 – 30 hours for advance serving. Mature wine should be decanted in special kind of decanter with less surface area. Follow these simple rules which will make the wine taste better for sure.

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