6 Hunter Valley Activities.

Hunter Valley

Staying in Sydney does not confine the visitor to the city. There are many enchanting regional areas that can provide days of excitement.  Adventure awaits those daring enough to leave the comfort of serviced apartments. Sydney provides many opportunities for weekend getaways such as Hunter Valley wine tours. The Hunter also has other activities for young, old, families and singles.

Some exciting activities to pursue in the Hunter Valley include

  • Horse riding
  • Wine tours
  • Ballooning
  • Spas
  • Fishing
  • Extreme sports
  1. Horse riding

Horse riding is a popular activity in the Hunter Valley. The area is spacious and home to many small farms and studs. Horse riding schools and providers are abundant in the area. The gentle slopes and grassy hills of the hunter region make an ideal backdrop for a relaxing day on horseback.

  1. Wine tours

Hunter Valley wine tours are famous throughout Australia. The area produces some of the country’s most delicious and popular wines. The area specialises in Shiraz, Chardonnay and Semillon. The wine tours take visitors through several wineries and give them the opportunity to savour unique flavours. Hunter Valley wines are world class in quality and freely available through restaurants around Australia.

  1. Ballooning

The Hunter Valley is home to some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery. From rolling beaches to stunning plains and hills, the Hunter is home to stunning flora and fauna. Viewing the area via balloon is a popular activity. Many companies provide reasonably priced balloon flights. The experience is a scenic and relaxing way to spend a day.

  1. Spas

There is no more relaxing place to spend a day than a beauty spa. The Hunter Valley has many spas which provide an easy, lazy day of indulgence. A spa treatment combined with a Hunter Valley wine and fresh Hunter produced food, is a perfect treat for oneself or a loved one.

  1. Fishing

A fisherman is always ready to catch fish, or to try. The Hunter Valley is home to many waterways including sandy beaches and large crystal blue lakes. These tempting patches of blue will lure fishermen of all standards. Spending a day by sparkling water waiting for a bite is a perfect weekend getaway.

  1. Extreme sports

The Hunter is also home to many extreme sports. Local companies provide sky diving, extreme horse riding and paint ball activities for the adventurous traveller. Joy flights over the area are also available for those willing to try. The wide open spaces of the region lend themselves to adventurous activities.

The Hunter Valley has several activities which will tempt visitors. Horse riding, fishing, ballooning and wine tours are only the beginning of the adventures waiting for the daring tourist or local.  A trip to the Hunter is worth leaving the comfort of serviced apartments. Sydney has many attractions, but its regions are also the home of many activities which can delight the discerning visitor.

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