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9000 Years of Wine

Rod Phillips is a history professor and wine writer. He combines his deep research, and love in history by writing competently about wine.

In this 10-chapter book starting with China, The Fertile Crescent, and Egypt sixth millennium B.C and ending with the beginning of the 21st century, he covers the ups and downs of winemaking, wine consumption, and wine economics, along with political history.

Historical events and natural disasters change evolving trends. Wine is one such commodity, and as such has changed from the very beginning and continues to change both from production, to trading, and consumption patterns in different countries.

Wine has a fascinating and highly interesting history and evolution, which the good professor has captured in this oeuvre.

Many writers know about wine and its history. Few know as much of its history as Rod Phillips because of this background and profession.

9000 Years Of Wine is meant for all wine lovers to understand how it has evolved and changed over time, sommeliers who sell and serve wine in restaurants and also “teach”

diners, all students in culinary programs, wine libraries, and wine lovers.

It is a voluminous book with a well flowing narrative and is highly informative, even for those in the business of selling wine, writing about wine, and producing wine.

Highly recommended.

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