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A Little History of Canada

Professor H.V. Nelles’ A Little History Of Canada reads lively is opinionated, highly informative and succinct.

It contains a whirlwind tour of this immense country from the Atlantic- to the Pacific- and Antarctic Oceans inhabited by Inuit, First Nations, and immigrants from literally everywhere in teh world.

The history of Canada starts with Asian people crossing the Straits of Bering to enter Alaska, then wandering east and south.

Nelles then goes on to tell the history of its inhabitants of recent past and present, how Canada as we know it now was formed, from occupation and colonization of  indigenous lands by France and Britain. They also exploited indigenous tribes befriending any side that could be to their benefit later.

Indigenous tribes were fighting each other constantly.

Professor Nelles’ A Little History Of Canada reads elegant, bursts with clarity, and is based on thorough research.

It should be mandatory in every secondary school, and for all potential visitors, and for all immigrants to understand and appreciate the past and present.

Every public library in Canada ought to have a few copies on its shelves.

Highly recommended.

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