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A Taste of Latin America

Latin American cooks wren the first to inadvertently create “fusion” dishes due to the “blend” of many immigrants that flooded the continent. They came mainly from Africa, and Europe, and later, Japanese and Chinese arrived, all bringing their culinary traditions with them and adopting local ingredients, which happened to be much different than what, they knew.

In Latin American countries you can enjoy Peru’s spicy and citrusy ceviche, hearty Colombian beef, pork, and seafood stews, and Argentina’s silky, smooth dulce de leche desserts.

In one word the book is “luscious”, the photography outstanding, and all the recipes mouth-watering.

What is more is all ingredients necessary are readily available in practically all large grocery stores in large cities in both Canada and the U S A.

All recipes are relatively easy to follow, and display the time required to prepare. Only yields of each recipe are missing, but that can be easily remedied by evaluating the size of the main ingredient. The author selected authentic recipes from each country creating and excellent collection of sumptuous meals with Latin American flavours from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba. Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico.

In all Latin American countries people eat seasonal food, not only for superior taste, but also for economic reasons.

They shop frequently, many daily, to ensure freshness, and start cooking as soon as they arrive at home.

What North Americans consider to be Mexican food diverges widely from the authentic specialties of Mexico. This is also true for each Latin American country.

Patricia Cartin deserves kudos for creating a truly Latin American cookbook that deserves to be in the library of every North American household, and culinary school.

Highly recommended.



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