Adding zing to your sandwich


North Americans and English love to eat sandwich. After all, it was an Englishman with a lordship title granted to him created the now popular combination.

Generally, sandwich consists of two slices of bread with some filling that can range from hard boiled, seasoned eggs, to ham and cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato (BLT), sauerkraut and pastrami, chicken salad, sliced hot or cold roast beef, just to name a few.

In Denmark and northern Germany, chefs like to serve open-faced sandwiches that are lavishly and lovingly garnished with all kinds of dill, chervil, tomato roses, chives, capers and cornichons or gherkins.

Millions ear a sandwich and a salad or soup for lunch, and many stick to their favourite day in, day out.

If you are gastronomically adventurous, you can try wraps (pita bread), or Italian style panini, and variety of fillings – chicken pesto, tofu and edemame, Gruyere cheese and caramelized onion, cold meat balls with tomato sauce, tuna celery, shallot and chervil salad shrimps with mayonnaise and chopped flat leaf parsley.

The choice can be expanded to all kinds of foods including salami, Westphalian ham, sole fillets, or pan-fried cold scallops.

You can also alter the type of bread by using –whole kernel bread, baguette, naan, pita, flat bread, and rolls.

Don not forget to use mustard, preferably Dijon style, and unsalted butter on the bread.

You will be surprised how a small change in your lunch routine can change your mood, and productivity in the afternoon.


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