Alvear Winery – Montilla-Moriles, Spain

Alvear Winery
Alvear Winery

The Alvear winery is the second oldest of Spain, and oldest in Montilla, east of Jerez de la Frontera.

It was founded by Diego de Alvear y Escalera in 1729. The family originates from Burgos in Rioja in northeastern Spain, but moved to Montilla.

Presently the establishment owns 250 hectares of vineyards primarily planted to pedro ximenez, and some moscatel along with experimental varieties.

Now under the Placio Quemada, Alvear also produces remarkable red wines. Montilla-Moriles produces wines that resemble sherry, but cannot be called as such due to appellation rules and regulations

Alvear uses a variety of earthenware fermentation vessels ranging from 500 litres to thousands of litres. The winery is reputed for fortified wines produced by the solera system ( a fractional blending system invented in Jerez de la Frontera to the west). One solera was started in 1850, and another in 1927.

Alvear wines tasted to date are always balanced, fruity, food-friendly highly enjoyable, and very conservatively priced.

I can state that they are absolute bargains for those who like dry, off dry, and sweet fortified wines

Recently Maria Alvear, the export and marketing director of the winery visited Toronto for a tasting at a Spanish bar on College Street (Bar Raval).

We tasted Alvear Fino ( 90) ( $ 12.45), Medium Dry (89+), and Solera 1927 PX (Pedro Ximenez) (90+) ( 19.95 for 375 ml.)

During the tasting tapas (bite-sized Spanish specialities) were served ( Marinated black and green olives, Manchego cheese, ham croquettes, sardine filets on bread, roast pork filet slices with piquillo peppers, chorizo sausage rings, dried spicy chorizo sausage to demonstrate the versatility of Alvear’s Fino and Medium Dry wines. Both would be excellent accompaniments to sushi and sashimi. The dry would pair well with flavourful seafood specialities like fresh grilled sardines, or grilled salmon just to name two possibilities.

The sweet Solera 1927 was well balanced, although sweet but not cloying, and suitable for pastries containing nuts or on its own after an extended meal.

Later during the tasting, PX Solera 1850, Pale Cream, and PX Anada were tasted, all of which offered ripe Mediterranean fruit aromas, were well balanced, deeply flavoured, with long satisfying finishes.

Following the tasting, cocktails were made with Alvear Fino incorporating gin, Angostura Bitters, and lemon peel.

The second cocktail based om Medium Dry Alvear included Campari, Angostura Bitters, and a few drops of lemon juice.

Alvear exports 40 per cent of its production to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Canada and Australia among others.

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Wines from Alvear Winery.

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