Amarula – World’s Second largest Selling Liqueur.


Despite the constant barrage of publicity to avoid sweet drinks, soft drinks, pastries, and jams, liqueur consumption is as popular as ever and increasing all

The time. With every passing year people, especially young people seem to increase their intake of sweet consumables regardless of advice.

Sweetness is comforting, it gives pleasure, but anything sweet must be taken in moderate quantities. If you consume anything constantly, and in large quantities, whether it be consumable or not, it becomes routine and in most cases gives less pleasure.

Amarula liqueur from South Africa is unique, because the fruit from which it is derived exists only on the continent. The marula tree thrives on teh wide open plains of Africa, and produces a sweet, luscious and decadent fruit – marula.

Elephants and humans have been drawn to this fruit for centuries. Elephants are known to walk long distances to enjoy marula, and humans have used it for everything from jams to aphrodisiacs.

For years experts tried unsuccessfully produce an alcoholic beverage using the fruit as flavouring agent, then a smart and innovative scientist invented Amarula.

This light brown to caramel coloured, creamy, round, soft, citrusy liqueur is now available in Canada and may become very popular. Since its introduction in the Canadian marketplace sales have increased constantly and continue to outsell most other liqueurs.

Only the female marula tree bears fruit. Which contains four times more vitamin C than the average orange. It is oblong in shape and has the size of a medium-size plum. The ripe marula is light yellow with a tough outer skin enclosing the white fibrous flesh. The pit is large.

Once harvested, the kernels of the fruit are removed, the flesh separated from the skin and crushed. The liquid undergoes a fermentation resembling that of wine. After the fermentation is completed, the liquid is double distilled and aged in oak barrels for approximately two years.

Blending the distillate with fresh cream creates Amarula.

You can call it the “Rolls and Royce” of cream liqueurs. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, or used in a number of cocktails.

Amarula is available in three sizes 375 ml, 750ml, and 1140 ml.

Here are a few cocktails you can create at home:


1 oz. Amarula
½ Smirnoff vodka
½ Tia Maria or Kahlua coffee liqueur
Shake strain and pout into a hurricane glass. Top up with Coca Cola.

Amarula Rum

1 oz Amarula
1 oz. Appleton Estate rum
Serve in a footed highball glass on the rocks.

Amarula Fantasy

1 oz. Amarula
1/2 cup Vanilla ice cream
2 –3 tsp strawberry puree
Blend, pour into martini glass.
Garnish with strawberry

Amarula African Dream

1 ½ oz Amarula
½ cup crushed ice
½ cup chocolate ice cream
1 small banana

Blend all, and pour into a tall hurricane glass. Garnish with a chocolate covered banana slice.


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