Amazing Deals for UK Holidays.


Spending a week or two at the coast is all part of memories of childhood. The intense excitement of the journey, the arrival followed by an immediate sense of impending adventure, is seared into our memories for all time. Just for the memories and the adventure alone, UK holidays are amazing deals waiting to be snapped up.

Sandcastles – who hasn’t made one?

Ask any one of the thousands of kids (and adults for that matter) of their abiding memories of a stay in one of the many UK holiday parks around the coast. Chances are a large majority of those asked will mention sandcastle building. It is one of the traditional elements of a seaside holiday. Much like whipped ice cream, fish and chips and kiss me quick hats, a seaside holiday without sandcastles is a bit of a washout.

Much like the sandcastle in the image is being washed away by the incoming tide, our holidays are all too often over far too quickly. The important thing is to take lots of holiday snaps to jog memories in later years. Holiday parks around the UK hold a special place in our hearts and minds. Some a short walk to the beach, they are all pretty much like a home from home for the duration of our stay.

The magnificence of the coast

Sweeping beaches on the east coast in places like Heacham, Hunstanton and California Cliffs are an adventure for kids of all ages. Flying kites and eating packed lunches, how many children I wonder have taken their first faltering steps into the cold North Sea on a blustery summer’s day? Those first steps mark the beginning of a lifetime of adventure for them and a love affair with the coast.

Contrast the long sweeping beaches and big skies of Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Suffolk to the craggy cliffs and small coves of the south west. Hidden beaches with sheltered rock pools are an adventure playground for kids of all ages. Who can remember finding their first crab? Who can remember getting little fingers nipped and remembering for later that crabs don’t like being messed with?

Holiday parks

Holiday parks dotted around the coast have excellent facilities and are a mix of permanent chalets, with some of the parks offering overnight pitches for campers and caravans. Many of the parks in the UK are completely self-contained. There are shops for mum and dad to buy the essentials, safe play areas and pools for kids and families, with everything you need on hand.

There was a time when the UK holiday industry was under threat from cheap package holidays abroad. But really, could anyone ever envisage UK coastal holidays going the way of the dinosaur? You cannot get real fish and chips on the Costas. Does anyone make whipped ice cream like the British? Does a sandcastle look right under a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight?

Of course not; these are what make a holiday in the UK such an adventure. Part of the appeal of a holiday on the coast is building sandcastles, hiding behind windbreaks and dodging the odd shower or two. A coastal holiday is always an adventure and we British wouldn’t have it any other way. Long live the UK holiday park adventure; it’s part of our heritage.

If those aren’t good reasons why UK holidays offer such amazing value and excellent deals, I don’t know what are.

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