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Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course

Andrew Jefford is a regular contributor to the Decanter wine magazine. He is considered a wine authority in literary circles, and resides in southern France.

This book consists of three parts – the first part deals with the mechanics of tasting, knowledgeable drinking, and continuous learning. There is no end to discovering new things about wine, and in addition, the taste of each wine changes with every vintage.

The second part deals with vine, grape, harvesting, and wine making.

The third part describes each important wine producing country, from Armenia to America to Australia and every other jurisdiction within.

Richly illustrated, this book is as informative as it is in the flow and elegance in its writing.

  1. Jefford loves the subject, masters the language to perfection, and uses it elegantly to convey his message to the reader effortlessly.

Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course is a jewel of wine writing, and would benefit everyone who enjoys wine, and beginners whishing to learn more about this noble beverage.

Readers, as well as people who enjoy reading should buy this excellent book, and shelve for reference.

Over many years and after reading hundreds of books about wine and other alcoholic beverages, I can confidently state that Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course is one of the most informative, succinct, beautifully illustrated books on the subject.

Highly recommended.

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