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Appetites is more than a cook book. It is written by an influential professional who spent many years in kitchens, then turned to writing, and conceiving and acting in food- related TV shows all over the world.

His prose is absolutely fascinating, and at the same time irreverent. Most of the recipes are basic, but done properly.

Any individual with rudimentary knowledge of cooking, and minimal utensils, should be able to accomplish creating delicious, and well-presented plates. Recipes will give you many opportunities to “grow” and become more appreciative of flavourful, and nutritionally valuable food.

The side stories are not only highly entertaining, but also informative. Appetites is a beautifully illustrated and presented book that you can confidently use or present to your friends or family as presents.

In the introduction, Bourdain mentions things that many chefs today either ignore, or have never considered to be important to guests. He has been on both sides of the restaurant business. His experiences add “flavour” to the narrative with snippets hardly any cookbook author could or would mention.

He obviously cares deeply about his daughter by including a few of her favourites and mostly likely other North American teenagers would love. The chapters included breakfast, salads, soups, sandwiches, party foods, hamburgers, pasta, fish and seafood, poultry, thanksgiving menus, meats, side dishes, stocks, sauces and dressings. For dessert, Bourdain simply opines that for him only one worthy dessert exists – Stilton! This is irreverence.

His treatise on three slices of bread for club sandwich is well founded, irreverent, but logical. Like any other professional, he is against using store-bought stocks, soups, and sauces. He provides a few recipes well worth producing and freezing or refrigerating.

For small town residents that are remotely located a few ingredients may be difficult to obtain, but these days with online ordering and the availability of numerous delivery companies it should be a matter of time and added expense.

This is a recipe book that you can buy confidently, enjoy reading it, and delight in cooking any or all recipes for yourself and your loved ones.

Highly recommended.


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