Aquaculture is the science of raising water-based animals in a controlled environment.

Since sonar-equipped factory boats from many industrialized countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, Spain and Portugal have been over fishing Indian-, Pacific- and Atlantic Oceans, fish stocks have been diminishing at an alarming rate.

Many countries farm fish, and approximately 25 per cent of all seafood consumed today comes form farms. This figure is likely to increase in the future.

Norway was the first to research the potential of fish farms and started farming Atlantic salmon in its fjords with a high rate of fresh water circulation.

Today, Canada, the U S A and Chile produce significant amounts of farmed salmon. Wild caught salmon is still available but at a very high price.

All farmed salmon are fed manufactured pellets containing caroten for colour.

Most gourmets consider the taste of farmed salmon inferior to wild caught salmon in cold waters.

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