Arctic Char (salvelinus alpinus, omble chevalier)

Arctic char

Epicures everywhere appreciate the delicacy and flavour of arctic char.

This rare fish specie belongs to the salmonidae family, and is found in salt as well as fresh water.

Native to the arctic and sub-arctic cold waters, it is the most northerly edible, flavourful fish, with a pale orange colour and delicate texture.

Arctic char is related to both salmon and trout with many characteristics of both.

Some reach nine kilograms, but more frequently the weight ranges from 900 grams to 2.3 kilograms.

This sought after cold-water fish is found in Alaska, Scotland, Siberia and northern Canada.

In Nova Scotia entrepreneurs successfully farm arctic char in frigid and pristine waters.

Chefs use arctic char, in appetizers, salads, for pan-frying, poaching, broiling and grilling, and also in smoked form.

The Millbrook First Nation, a Miqmac community with a rich history of farming and fishing expertise, farms Nova Scotia arctic char.

Farmed arctic char is now available throughout the year, with a consistent quality and uniform size.

Chefs in upscale restaurants feature arctic char in many of their special recipes because of its appeal, nutritional value, and consistent quality.

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