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An Australian wine tasting


The Australian wine promotion agency Wine Australia has been re-organized. Previously, there was a Canadian office in Toronto promoting Australian wines in Canada, but not only one office in Washington D.C. will be promoting Australian wines in the U S A and Canada.

The inaugural trade tasting took place on February 6 in the Ontario Art Gallery with the participation of many large, and some small wineries.

Several regions, mainly South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia were well represented, whereas Tasmania and Hunter Valley in New South Wales had only few participants.

There were well over 200 wines and obviously justice could not be done to all within the three hours allocated.

I tasted 77 wines and with the exception of maybe 10, they tasted fine or very fine.

There were many more red and white, no sparkling and fortified or dessert wines.

Most of the white wines were sauvignon blanc, or chardonnay, with a few blends, the others were all red.

The following wines stood out:

White wines

Third Generation Chardonnay, 2013, Nugan Estate
Brilliant yellow green, fruity, balanced

Chardonnay, 2009, Schild Estate
Outstanding pear/apple aromas, medium body, balanced, with a long aftertaste.

MVR 2012, Thabilk
An interesting blend of marsanne, vermentino, and rousanne, viscous texture, smooth, and very appealing.

Yattarna Chardonnay, 2009, Penfold
A blend of Adelaide Hills and Tasmania fruit. Intense, fruity, expressive, elegant, and refined. High price ($ 125.00) but a wine to appreciate during a gourmet or celebration dinner.

Red wines

Shiraz, 2012, Slatram
Intense, fruity, full bodied, well extracted, layered with a long taste.

Shiraz/Tempranillo, 2010
A fine blend of shiraz and tempranillo that seems to gain popularity with winemakers.
Fruity, spicy, smoky, intense, deeply flavours and powerful.

Edgar Schild Grenache, 2012 Schild Estate
This small, quality oriented winery in the Barossa valley offered red weans only for this tasting. Grenache was the highest priced wine ( $ 54.00), but offered more fruit, flavour, balance and intensity.

Ben Schild Reserve Shiraz, 2009 Schild Estate
Brilliant, exuding berry aromas, Violet black in colour. High alcohol, full-bodied, excellent mid-palate, and very long finish.

Dried Grape Shiraz, 2012, Nugan Estate
The fruit was subjected to appassimento resulting in a very high ABV wine.
The wine tastes intense, rich and is smooth.
Pair it with rich beef and game dishes.

Serpico Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, Mitolo
Cabernet sauvignon yields fine wines in the Barossa Valley if the yiled is kept low. The young winemaker was successful in producing a fine balanced wine with characteristic cabernet structure.

Pinot Noir, 2012, Yabby Lake Vineyard
Pinot noir grapes that are grown in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria’s south coast yield fine and elegant wines. This wine caresses the tongue. It is medium-bodied, refined, elegant and highly enjoyable.

Blackwell Shiraz, 2010, St. Hallett
St Hallett is a winery famous for its shiraz wines. This version is spicy, full bodied, well structured, and powerful with a very long aftertaste.

Old Bush Vine Grenache, 2012, Pirramimma Wines
This winery specializes in red wines.
This old vine Grenache offers intense aromas of ripe berries, is full bodied and deeply flavoured.

Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Shiraz, 2010, Fowles Wines
This Victoria winery is famous for its tongue-in-cheek titles, but produces intriguing wines. This shiraz is no exception. It has everything you would want in a medium bodied, fruity, lively red wine.

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