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Cold weather beers

Cold weather beers

Cold weather beers The best way to enjoy winter is to embrace it. Warm parkas, comfort foods, snowy Sunday afternoons – there is a lot to like about winter. Beer is the most versatile of all alcoholic beverages. Over centuries, brewers have come up with hundreds of styles. Some redesigned […]

South African Premium Wines
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Tasting South African Premium Wines

An administrator of the East India Dutch Company planted South Africa’s first vineyards in 1652. Ever since , the country has been producing wine, and significant quantities of brandy. Today, South Africa has approximately 100 000 hectares of vineyards that supply 600 wineries. As the per capita wine consumption is […]

Apron Strings
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Apron Strings

Apron Strings (Navigating food and family in France, Italy and China) Jan Wong Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, New Brunswick 380 pages, $ 24.95     Jan Wong, an accomplished newspaper journalist, and now professor at Sang Thomas University, has written a remarkable book on French, Italian, and Chinese bourgeoisie cuisines. […]

Descorchados 2017
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Descorchados 2017

Descorchados, edited by Patricia Tapia, is a publication dedicated to present the wineries and wines of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. The writers taste wines submitted by wineries and score all. Selecting those they deem superior in quality and value out of 100. In 2017 Descorchados scored wines’.  Winery managements […]

North American Palates

North American Palates are Changing

North Americans sweet-oriented palates came with European (mainly British) adventurers and fortune seekers. When European settlers first came to the continent, natives lived healthy lives. They did not know sugar and diabetes was never heard of, but soon things changed. Sugar from the Caribbean was introduced, as was alcohol. “Bland” […]