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Napa County’s Sub Appellations

Napa County’s Sub Appellations

When wine drinkers mention Napa, they refer to only one AVA that covers all the sub-appellations of the valley. The valley runs approximately 35 kilometres south to north, is 1 ½ to2 ½ kilometres wide. The county is much bigger and contains many AVA’s producing fine wines. The town of […]


Horseradish – will add a little bite to your food

Few people buy fresh horseradish from grocery stores. Actually, very few grocery stress carry fresh horseradish in their produce departments, as most consumers prefer buying prepared horseradish. This “sharp” root vegetable, famous for its sinus clearing and eye watering characteristics has been cultivated for at least three millennia. When the […]

Tea and Coffee Show

The Canadian Tea and Coffee Show

In Mid-1970’s, for the overwhelming majority of the population, coffee meant processed “robusta” or “liberica” coffee, or tea from a bag, which means “tea dust attractively packaged”. Gradually, organic coffee importers and small retailers have been able to convince coffee and tea drinkers that specialty  “arabica” coffee and specialty teas […]

Mission Hill Winery
Wine Wine Reviews

Trail Blazers and Terroirs

When Anthony von Mandl bought the Mission Hill Winery in the Okanagan Valley in 1980’s, no one knew how he would expand and make it as famous as it is now. Certainly, he grew the company, innovated wine making and bought three more wineries within the valley (Cedarcreek Estate Winery, […]

make your wine

Here you can make your wine for less … read on

The establishment called FERMENTATIONS , on Danforth Avenue, Toronto, helps you to enjoy wine at a reasonable cost. Thousands of people make wine at home, using grape juice concentrates, but you need space, equipment and time to produce an enjoyable product. Fewer, more ambitious home winemakers buy grapes, crush them […]