Avocado Oil.

Avodado Oil


Australian and New Zealand avocado farmers and imaginative food professionals invented new oil – avocado oil

This unique, nutty-flavoured oil may be used in whipped potatoes, drizzled over steamed vegetables, in vinaigrette dressings, for sautéing, soups ands stews.

Avocado oil has a high smoke point (255 C) and can be infused with lemon, rosemary, basil or chili.

Premium avocado oil is cold-pressed much like olive oil and contains high amounts of vitamins E, D, A, monounsaturated fats and reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes. It is free of trans fatty acids and cholesterol-inducing fats.

Avocado oil

has a higher viscosity than olive oil, and texturally is more pleasant than all other oils.

Avocado Oil

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