How to Avoid Festive season Health problem.

Festive Season

In a few weeks, the festive season will provide plenty opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry with family, friends and also fellow workers.

When food and drink are plentiful and free, many people indulge in too much of both. The repercussions of too much alcohol are immediate and well known. In some cases too much alcohol can lead to fatal accidents, and more often to serious problems with authorities.

Eating too much can also lead to problems, maybe not immediately. Weight gain is something to avoid; indigestion, and possibility of heart attacks also present problems. In Germany, statistics show that old, and fragile people who overindulge die in larger numbers around Christmas than at other times.

It is very important to remember that everything consumable can turn poisonous. “Dosage” is the key word.

Here are some guidelines:

Avoid stress and trying to accomplish too much in a short time. The body and mind can do only so much.

Avoid sitting for too long in one place, regardless of comfort level. Get up every hour or so, and walk a little, if nothing else stretch. This is also true during long distance flights. Walk up and down in the aisles to get the blood circulation going and to prevent blood clods, which can be fatal.

Try to limit fatty foods and rich alcoholic beverages i.e eggnogs, cream liqueurs, lasagne, cheesecake, cream, creamy sauces, cheese sauces. If you cannot resist, at least limit quantity. Too much dairy leads to bloating, flatulence, and diarrhoea, due to lactose. Orientals actually cannot tolerate lactose. Humans are the only mammals who drink milk after their lactation cycle.

Although we are exposed to advertising daily and persistently to drink milk and eat cheese, it is best to limit the consumptio9n of all types of animal fat, and cream-rich dairy products. Your arteries will thank you for that, and you will prolong your life.

Another major contributor to disease these days id sugar and sugar substitutes i.e corn syrup, corn sugar, which are present in all kinds of manufactured foods.

Sorbitol, maltitol, manitol, isomalt and other “sugar alcohols” overwhelm your gastrointestinal tract creating gases, and causing cramps. If you feel inclined to have a sweet dessert, try poaching a pear, or baking an apple, or cooking a quince compote. Even dry fruit (dried apples, apricots, pears, raisins, peaches,) compote is better than sugar-laden desserts and or cookies.

Eat more (much more vegetables preferably sautéed in extra virgin olive oil) than meat. A ratio of 25 per cent meat and 75 vegetables is a good start.

Reduce alcohol consumption. This is another topic to be treated in a separate article.

If you follow above guidelines, you can rest assured that you won’t have to renew your wardrobe after the festive season.

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