Bar Raval – Toronto

Bar Raval
Bar Raval

Torontonians are privileged to select the bar or pub they prefer. There are thousands of pubs and bars catering to thirsty souls, who also want to discuss daily happenings in the city, or throughout the world. Bar Raval on College Street, conceived and owned by Grant van Gameren is unique in its design, eclectic in its food and beverage offerings, and atmosphere attracting young and old for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The designers have successfully replicated the suave yet slightly louche quality of Ramblas district in downtown Barcelona, where you can lean against the bar and “graze” on chorizo, Galician octopus, Italian peppers, pickled pearl onions, deliciously fat Spanish or Portuguese sardines.

The menu is weighted to seafood, much of it steamed, or presented with crunchy baguette-style bread.

Bar Raval offers many exquisite Spanish canned seafood, all served in their original containers. In Spain, unlike in North America, only the best quality of seafood is canned. This bar buys the crème-de-la-crème of canned Spanish seafood.

The service is knowledgeable, and obliging if you ask for special preparations. The hams available are the best Spanish products available in Toronto. A visit just to taste them is justified even from the suburbs.

The sherry selection is the largest in Toronto, and cocktails are unique and expertly prepared in front of you. For breakfast, you can indulge in the usual coffee or tea, croissants, eggs (any style), toast, and anything else your heart desires.

Both lunch and dinner menus are imaginative and well prepared.

505 College Street.

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