Best Bars in Sydney to Watch the Races.


If you are visiting Australia, you will discover that the Aussies love to spend the weekend betting on the horses and watching the races at the pub. Whether it’s a sneaky bet once a year come Melbourne Cup Day or a weekly social event, betting on the horses is a great Aussie pastime. If you managed to get cheap travel insurance, you may even decide to spend some the money you saved on your travel insurance on placing a bet. These Sydney bars are the best places in the city to watch the races and cheer your horse on!

Camelia Grove, 146 Henderson Road, Alexandria
The Camelia Grove Hotel (or ‘Cammie’ to the locals) is a big, sprawling and incredibly friendly bar with a focus on quality service. The pub has long been a favourite of local racing enthusiasts due to its large dedicated TAB and lounge area with wall-to-wall screens playing racing almost 24/7! Coming to the Cammie to place a bet, you can be sure to expect an opportunity to make some new buddies!

Marble Bar, Level B1, 488 George Street
The Marble Bar is not only an iconic Sydney drinking hole, it is one of the city’s most beautiful. Built in the late 1800s by George Adams, the bar originally bore his name as an honour to his incredible craftsmanship, but was changed to Marble Bar when it reopened in the seventies. It has been lovingly restored to its former glory, and while it might not look like a typical ‘racing bar’, the funds to build it in the first place were raised by the incredibly successful Tatersalls sweepstakes in the late 19th Century.

Bacardi Bar, Level 4 of the Public Grandstand, Rosehill Gardens Racecourse
If we’re talking about the best Sydney bars in which to watch the races, we can’t go past the Bacardi Bar at Rosehill Gardens. Developed exclusively for horse-racing enthusiasts and featuring wall-to-wall updates and information about the races going on, you can grab a cocktail and watch the races if they’re on, or else watch races going on elsewhere in Australia without even having to leave the room to place a bet. Classy and open, the Bacardi Bar lives and breathes racing, and is perfect for patrons who do the same.

The Ancient Briton, 225 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
While the Ancient Briton’s claim that they serve ‘the coldest beer in Sydney’ might be a bit of a stretch, it is certainly a great place to watch the races. A rustic, old-style bar where everyone is welcomed with open arms, the Ancient Briton makes up for what it lacks in modern décor with a great atmosphere all week. Friendly bartenders, cheap drinks and regulars who know their stuff, this is the place to come if you want an introduction into the local racing scene.

Sydney bars are known for many things – their diversity, their atmosphere, sometimes even the pricing of their drinks! One thing is for sure, there’s a bar to suit almost any taste in Sydney, and if your taste is kicking back to watch a few races on a big screen, then these bars won’t disappoint.

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