Barton Et Guestier – One of the mostconsistent and old negociants of Bordeaux.

Barton et Guestier

Barton et Guestier was established in 1725 by Thomas Barton of Curraghmore, Ireland. He brought two key elements to his business, earned the respect of Bordeaux vignerons, and bought as negociant vineyards in an attempt to improve quality and consistency. While he was turning the management of the business to his son William, a young French man Daniel Guestier was earning a reputation as an importer of French wine to the British Colonies in North America. Guestier family’s reputation is impeccable and both Daniel and William decided to merge their companies to create a powerful force in the Bordeaux wine trade.

The company survived the French Revolution of 1789 and the two families managed it for two centuries.

In the 1950’s, they asked Seagram to take a role in the growth and management of the company while Ronald Barton remained art the helm until 1986. Seagram acquired Barton et Guestier upon the death of Barton. As the company grew and expanded its supply sources, new markets were opened through excellent distribution channels of Seagram. Today the company owns Chateau Magnol in Medoc, bottles several varietal wines from Languedoc, and appellation controllee wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire and Cotes du Rhone.

Barton et Guestier, a world wide shipper, is owned by Diageo a huge beverage alcohol conglomerate headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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