Beaujolais Nouveau Wines and Others

Beaujolais Nouveau
Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais nouveau wines were the craze in 1980’s and 1990’s.

Every year in November on the second half of the month Beaujolais nouveau were shipped with great fanfare all over the world. (Sopexa then the official French food and beverage promotion agency) used to organize lavish parties where the wines of that year would flow in “rivers”.

Beaujolais nouveau is made quickly subjecting hand-picked grapes to carbonic maceration in an enclosed container using carbon dioxide produced by the crushed grapes beneath layers of fruit that start fermenting.

Subsequently the wine is subjected to an induced malo-lactic fermentation to reduce malic acid to less harsh lactic acid, bottled and released.

Beaujolais nouveau is a relatively light red wine more appropriate for quaffing than sipping and contemplating. It should consumed within two to four months after release as it starts to lose its charm within weeks of release. Now, Beaujolais promotions tend to be sedate affairs and relatively low key.

Inspired by the success Italian, Pays D’Oc , and a few Ontario wineries produce “nouveau” style wines that occasionally taste even better than the original pending on climatic conditions prevailing.

Veneto, Trentino, and Abruzzo in Italy, Pays d’Oc in France , and a few Ontario wineries make nouveau wines.

Due to their geographical location Veneto and Pays d’Oc wines turn out frequently better than those from other regions. One nouveau white wine known, as heurige produced in the outskirts of Vienna is famous in Austria but rarely exported.

They tend to be fragrant, quaffable but relatively high in alcohol. Heurige wines are mostly, if not exclusively, served in Grinzing where traditional Austrian foods (smoked pork fat, cold cuts, cheeses, sauerkraut with pork trotters, sliced pork roast along with other specialties) are served).

The clientele in such establishments patronize them for a fun evening with local zither music, song and dance.

This year Beaujolais nouveau and others at the L C B O are

Gamay Nouveau, George Dubeouf $ 10.95

Beaujolais, J. Mommessin $ 13.95

Beaujolais Village Nouveau, J. Drouhin $ 16.95

Beaujolais Nouveau Village, G. Dubeouf $ 15.95

Novello, Mezzacorona, Trentino, Italy $ 9.95

Valpolicella Novello Del Veneto, Cantina Negrar, Italy $ 10.95

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