Beaulieu Vineyards – Napa Valley’s Pioneer of Quality.

BeaulieuBeaulieu Vineyards

The deep roots of Beulieu Vineyards go back to 1900, when founder George de Latour decided that Napa valley was ideal foe viticulture. Up to then and well into 1950’s, Napa Valley was home to hundreds of plum orchards.

George de Latour planted Cabernet Sauvignon in Rutherford and produced his first wine in 1909, presenting Americans the first European-style red wine.

Beaulieu survived Prohibition by signing a contract with the Catholic Church to supply altar wine.

In 1938 George de Latour hired Andre Tchelitcheff, a Russo-French oenologist as winemaker, who revolutionized California winemaking by training many future winemakers who are still active today. He taught Joel Aiken today vice president of winemaking at Beaulieu and many others too numerous to mention.

Now Beaulieu owns over 1000 acres of prime vineyards in the Napa valley.

For a while in the 1990’s Beaulieu lost its leadership role in the Valley, but it is regaining its old reputation slowly.

The legendary Beaulieu George de Latour’s Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon remains one of the first expressions of Napa Valley winemaking.

Beaulieu now produces California Coastal wines from vineyards in a well-defined strip of land along the Coast of the Pacific Ocean stretching from Modesto all the way to Santa Barbara, close to Los Angeles.

The recently launched Signet Collection features Syrah, Sangiovese and Viognier, all grapes that are gradually becoming poplar with American wine consumers.

Beaulieu produces four lines of products:

Beaulieu Vineyard Reserves
Beaulieu Vineyards Coastal Series
Beaulieu Signet/Winemaker’s Collection
Beaulieu Appellation Series
Beaulieu is owned by Diageo’s Château and Estates wines division.


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