A Beer for all Seasons and Reasons.


Young, well-travelled people have given quality beer category a boost, at least in North America. Europeans, particularly northern Europeans have developed an expertise and appreciation for fine beers long ago.

Lately, craft brewery beers and imports from Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Czech republic, all are famous for their fine beers, have enjoyed increased popularity.

Molson’s, now Coors-Molson, sales representatives urged management to acquire a high quality brand and start from the ground up. Management wisely decided to buy Creemore, a quality brewery, with two outstanding beers.

Beer can be brewed anywhere with abundant, and suitable water. It takes approximately five litres of water to brew one litre of beer.

Brewers in many parts of the world developed beers, and continue to, for different seasons.

In winter people appreciate heavy brews, whereas during hot summer days nothing hits the spot better than a light, refreshing lager.

There is a beer for every season and occasion. A Sunday picnic calls for light beers, whereas a nightcap under the stars may call for as Chimay from Trappist monks in Belgium. They brew beers many consider to be the “Burgundies’ of the beer world.

A heavy beef stew calls for appropriately textured ale, whereas a pizza tastes much ghet6etr with a fine lager.

San Francisco’s unique steam beer would be an excellent match for lasagne or seafood pasta, not to mention a pan-fried salmon with chive sauce.

Wheat beers with a wedge of lemon or lime have been quenching the thirst of millions in Europe, and luckily Canadian beer aficionados have caught on to this style. Natural wheat beer may be cloudy, whereas filtered versions are crystal clear but the taste is less intense.

The LCBO, ever keen to respond to market shifts, noticed an increasing demand for quality beer and enlarged its imported beer portfolio. In addition, there are agents specializing in imported beers and bring in special products on consignment, Experimenting with different styles of beer is fun, educational and provide new flavour avenues to explore.

Here are some brands you may want to try:

Wheat beers

Hoegarden, Belgium
Blanche de Chambly, Quebec, Canada
Grasshopper, Big Roc, Alberta, Canada
Schneider Weisse, Hacker-Pschorr, Bavaria, Germany


Steam Whistle, California, USA
Creemore, Ontario, Canada
Steam Whistle, Ontario, Canada
St. Andre, Ontario, Canada
Chechvar, Pilsner Urquell, The Czech republic
Warsteiner, DAB, Germany
Grolsch, The Netherlands.
Faxe, Denmark


Niagara Pale Ale, Ontario, Canada
St. Ambroise, Quebec, Canada
Guinness, Ireland


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  1. Great article Mr Hrayr!

    I’ve been in Germany couple of months ago and tried a traditional beer. It was unbelievable tasty but I can’t remember the brand right now! Thank you for sharing and recommending these brands.

    John Mak
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