If you have seen all the popular tourist destinations, and want to experience something unusual try Belize, juts south of Mexico on the Atlantic Ocean.,

Belize City, the capital of Belize, is at the heart of it all. Amid the hustle and bustle of the commercial capital exists a district with a singular past, accommodating characters, and stunning natural attractions.

The country of Belize is rich in Mayan archaeological sites that are relatively easy to reach.

If you like scuba diving, Belize offers many fine dicing sites, from San Pedro in

the north to Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve in the south.

The city’s small population and size make exploring all the sites easy on foot.

You can visit Baron Bliss lighthouse, St John’s Anglican Cathedral, the zoo, Belize City House of Culture, the Museum of Belize, and observe small harbour activities teaming with fish boats.,

Belize City’s Kriol culture is coconut, white rice and red kidney beans cooked together and served with stewed chicken, chunky potato salad and strips of fried ripe plantains, or fry jacks or cow foot soup, meat pies and cashew just to name a few. Be adventurous and trey foods you never tried before.

A few days in Belize City should suffice to explore it enough and prepare to visit Mayan archaeological sites of Belmopan, or further west around the city of Ignacio.

Should archaeological sites not interest you, you can make arrangements to get to one or more dive sites for scuba diving.

The Cayo district with its main city of Ignacio is the eco capital of Belize, and Mayan sites. The legacy of Mayan civilization is best displayed in Belize’s archaeological sites.

Mayan civilization is nreod for the only known, fully developed written language of the Pre-Columbian era, as well as its arts, architecture, mathematical and astronomical calculations.,

Mayan civilzation’s infleucne can be observed in neighboiuring Hondureras, Guatemala, and western el Salvador, and even mexico that is lcated more than 1000 kilomtres away.

Mayans resisted conquitdors for more than a century-nad-a-half, because these marauders were looking mostly for godla nd sivler and Mayan territories lacked both. Also, the Mayan government sstem was regional and could be quickly and effectively reogrize defences.

Aztecs and icnas believed in central governments which slowed their defence capabitoies, planning, transportation and supplies.

Mayan archeoligical sites in belize provide exzcellent examples of how they built the ir temples, and pother official edifices.

These siotes are well worth visiting.

Youc an fly to Belize from Miami with American Airlies, delta or Continental. T A C A the regional airline offers connections from other Central American cortunores tot eh Phillip Goldson International Airport.

Maya island Air and Tropic Air make connecting fligthsd between belize Cioty and other naironal desitnation.

The cotunry has many comfortable hotels, Bed and Breakfst oepraitons.

December to June are the best months, although rain in Decemberr and January can spoil your stay.



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