Beringer Winery – Napa Valley, California

Beringer Winery – Napa Valley, California

In 1876, brothers Jacob and Frederick Beringer established Beringer Vineyards and dreamed making wines that rivalled the finest first growth properties in Bordeaux.

Since 1876 Beringer has been a pioneer in California winemaking. It was the first winery to experiment with gravity flow and chilled cellars into mountains to achieve constant temperatures for aging.

The winery farms diverse vineyards, and goes even outside of Napa valley to establish potentially outstanding vineyards, as is the case with Knigth’s Valley in Sonoma County.

In 1971 Myron Nightingale was hired to upgrade quality. He convinced the management that wines come only from properly selected, and well-managed vineyards with low yields.

Shortly after he was on board the private reserve program was created to cater to the connoisseur. The first Private Reseve Cabernet Sauvignon was launched in 1977, followed up later with Private Reserve Chardonnay, and much later a bortytis affected semillon/sauvignon blanc named after Nightingale for his services to the winery.

All private reserve wines are aged in Nevers oak barrels.

The valleys and regions selected for superior quality wines are:

Knigth’s Valley, Sonoma County, was purchased in 1960’s, just north and east of the winery. Knight’s Valley cabernet sauvignon epitomizes terroir, the wine displaying rich rustic fruit ntoes and beautifully integrated textured tannins.

Knigth’s Valley Blanc features semillon and sauvignon blanc displaying citrus fruit notes with an excellent mouth feel.

Napa Valley vineyards (approximately 180 hectares) were purchased when the winery was founded. Since then several parcels were purchased in most prestigious appellations. Today Beringer farms approximately 650 hectares of vineyards in the valley.

Recently Beringer introduced Luminus a pure Chardonnay from Oak Knoll District in the Napa Valley. This superbly flavoured and aromatic wine is the pride and joy of the winemaker Laurie.

Quantum is the ultimate in red wines of Beringer. A blend of the best wines from Napa Valley vineyards. The blend shifts from vintage to vintage, driven by evolving varietal expression of the vintage.

This is an outstanding, well-structured red wine that would please all wine lovers who can afford it, and know what to pair it with.

Beringer Nightingale is named after Myron Nightingale who invited the technique to create this Sauternes-style wine.

It is simply an outstanding, refined and elegant sweet wine.

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  1. There high end wines are really great, I’m not crazy about their entry level wines. I know some of their contract farmers and they have nothing but nice things to say about the brand though.