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Book – Coming to My Senses

Alice Waters is largely credited with introduction the taste buds of Americans to tasty food.

When she opened the now famous restaurant in Berkeley, few were aware of California’s quality produce and how profound it tastes when properly cooked, and artfully presented.

She, a natural connoisseur of quality food and excellent taste, was one of the first to seek organic food and introduce it to her guests, to rave reviews.

This chronological memoir is heavily larded with narrative about her life, development of her food philosophy and her restaurant, plus French culture, cuisine, gardens and the country itself.

She tells about her culinary evolution, and how she managed to open her restaurant with limited financial resources.

It is abundantly clear how her genuine detailed observation ability contributed largely to her success.

Alice Waters perhaps naturally understands how important details affect success in the restaurant industry.

The narrative flows well and is interspersed with her studies, friendships and travels in France and elsewhere.

Alice Waters changed how the majority of Americans eat today, and now is in the process changing school cafeteria food service and menus.

Her influence on the American gastronomy cannot be overstated.

An excellent read, and illuminating story about the industry in recent past.

Highly recommended to all inspiring restaurateurs, culinary students, and restaurant patrons.

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