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Book Review: 125 best Vegetarian Recipes.

This book of tasty, internationally inspired vegetarian recipes is a must fro everyone who enjoys good eating.

Here is now a trend to become vegetarian fro many reasons, one being for healthy living, the other, to prevent, to the extent possible, unethical animal husbandry (now at least in North America a manufacturing process) and to foster environmental sustainability.

It contains internationally inspired meal idea, included several pages of colour photographs, excellent introduction to vegetarian essentials with regard to nutrition, pulses, nuts, cheese and a lot more.

The majority of recipes in this originate from around the Mediterranean Sea. The author, a chef and Greek born and raised in Turkey, has take many recipes and either adapted them to North American ingredients, or recorded as they were originally created.

Traditionally, mothers taught daughters how to cook, especially using their own recipes or those from their ancestors.

Cooking was essentially handed down from one generation to the next.

Most recipes are easy to cook; all are colourful and highly suitable for experimentation.

Many recipes include tips with regard to their suitability to holding a few hours before service, or using leftovers, and for refrigeration. Many Middle Eastern recipes are designed to keep at room temperature even during hot summer months.

Refrigerators around 1950’s were still not very common, and in some parts of the Middle East there are still households that survive without refrigerators.

All vegetables would benefit greatly using the recipes, but more importantly, people who are contemplating to become vegetarian, or even vegan.

An excellent book to read, and keep as a reference for everyday coking.

Highly recommended.

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