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Book Review: Who Gets What.

In this seminal book, the author walks the reader through progressive thoughts to arrive to logical, legal, and moral compensation decisions in an attempt to satisfy, victims of a number of horrific events, all of which happened in the U S A except one but initiated and perpetrated by the army.

These five major events ( Agent orange, The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, The Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, Wall Street Compensation Study, and the Oil Spill in the Gulf Of Mexico) events happened in the U S A which make all levels of governments stop and think whether or not businesses are adequately regulated and controlled to gurantee the safety of the population and environment.

The emninet lwayer , and part tiem professor has written a book on his thought proc esses and he eloquently tried to convince vistims that they received is the best that can be expected, given budgetary constraints.

The author provides no formula for his decisions, nor I believ, could he have, as each case is unique and requires legal allocation given parameters of existing law to the extent that they apply in each case.

I would have welcomed moredepth in his elucidation of each event and what legal vehicles and his thoughts about how he arrived to the conclusions. The text is written is a fien, and lawyerly style and that alone makes this book interesting in tis own right.

Recommended to all interested in law, how governments function, and events of this nature.

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