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Book review: 200 Best sheet pan meals

One-pot meals used to be popular with busy housewives holding down jobs; now the focus seems to canter on sheet pan meals.

They eliminate the necessity of constantly checking the progress of cooking, and above all, cleaning up requires much less time and effort.

The book starts with explaining how to choose the most suitable sheet pan (size and design) and continues by recommending appropriate ingredients for sheet pan cooking.

Measuring and its importance is dealt with at length on page 14.

A list of 25 extra-simple recipes follows.

They include baked eggs in holes, double cheese stuffed zucchini with basil crumbs topping, French bread pizzas, blackberry buckle and chocolate dipped frozen bananas.

There are 24 full-page photographs to help readers with plate presentation.

Plating is frequently given little thought at home, yet the eyes eat first before the mouth enjoys the taste.

Sheet pan cooking requires preparation before the actual cooking process starts, and must be attended to from time to time to facilitate oven cooking.

The author is a recipe developer, cooking instructor, and freelance food writer, and it shows in the recipes she presents.

There are 200 breakfast, meatless, fish, meat, and dessert recipes.

You can try all with confidence, or if you happen to e a vegan or ovo-lacto vegetarian, select those in the appropriate section.

Highly recommended.

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