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Book Review: 28 days in provence.

Shannon Bennett, and avid traveller is a chef de cuisine with two popular restaurants in Australia.

This book is unique in conception, and is imaginatively written with inserts provided by his wife Madeleine.

The concept is to travel with the family to Provence, rent a house that is fully equipped with a professional grade kitchen, and shop daily in town markets for the day’s cooking. The author wants to cook with seasonal and Provencal produce exclusively.

Half way through the stay, his parents join the family, and later his brother, who is a photographer, arrives to take pictures of the region, the dishes created, and the family.

The book is full of anecdotes, descriptions of small Provencal towns, their weekly farmers’ markets, their bakeries and the road conditions prevailing.

The chef shops daily and cerates recipes based on what eh purchased. Some of the recipes are typically Provencal, others modified to his liking, but all are delicious.

While some appear to be complicated, others are easy to follow.

If you like cooking, and are somewhat knowledgeable, you can master all.

Most of the recipes come with wine recommendations, naturally, local wines. The people of Provence seem to enjoy wine with every meal albeit in relatively small quantities i.e a glass. He does not mention how big the glass is though.

One recipe that you can easily follow is Red Bell Pepper Soup with Crab Mayonnaise on page 94.

Absolutely every recipe provided (there are more than 80) is delicious.

This is a traveller’s and enthusiastic cook’s book that will provide days of cooking and eating pleasure.

After reading this well-written and well-illustrated book, you will want to travel to Provence and spend you vacation, or even enjoy a long stay during your retirement.

Highly recommended.

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