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Book Review: My Way.

Paul Anka, born in Ottawa, Canada, to Lebanese immigrant parents, was a world famous singer/songwriter, and remains a visionary in the music industry.

He was a major conduit in music transitioning from the American songwriter era and big orchestras.

In this autobiography, he writes about his contemporaries and friends like Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Eagles, Sammy Davis jr., and the old Las Vegas when high rollers dropped millions and walked away without flinching.

This memoir written in colloquial language reminisces about the “golden Age of Las Vegas” before it had to re-invent itself to attract families and convention to remain financially afloat.

He provides an excellent insight about behind the scenes of gambling, old and big hotels, and tells the story of Steve Wynn, one of the biggest and probably best casino operators in the state.

Paul Anka has been entertaining and writing song for other singers and himself for 50 years and performed in Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

He is the father of five daughters from his first marriage, and father of a son from his second marriage, and reinvented himself several times to remain in business, but above all, was disciplined enough not to succumb to excessive drug and alcohol use unlike many others before him, and at present.

In this autobiography, he gives himself a lot of credit for his re-inventions and generally writes in superlative and unabashed terms about himself, successes and endurance in the filed.

This is a very informative book about popular American music, old-style Las Vegas, and many famous singers of the era.

Highly recommended fro those who want to know about the evolution of the popular music and learn about Las Vegas.

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