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Book Review: 300 Best Potato Recipes a Complete Cook's Guide.

Potato appeals to all of us, whether it’s served as a traditional comfort dish, or sued to cerate something new and memorable. It is versatile, inexpensive and unfailingly delicious in the hands of a talented cook.

Potato, native to Peru, is one of the most popular starchy components of meals along with rice, wheat, and corn in different parts of the world.

When Columbus brought to potato to Europe, people did not know how to sue it.

Belonging to the family of nightshades, its leaves are poisonous and a few died eating these parts of the pant rather than the potato.

It was Parmentier, an agriculturist of the French court, who recognized its value and employed a “trick”, popularized this vegetable. The whole story is told in the book.

The author, a potato enthusiast, deals with the origins and history of the popular vegetable, provides vignette about it, deals with the Irish potato famine, and provides in-depth knowledge for cooking potatoes in a number of techniques.

The chapter on potato types is of great value to those who like to incorporate potato into their meals.

There are floury, waxy, all purpose, and specialty potato categories, and each them is treated in length with species i.e floury potatoes Idaho, Russet Burbank; waxy Jersey Royal etc.

Unfortunately, most grocery stores carry only a few species of potatoes, and only high-end establishments offer an adequate variety.

Farmers’ markets offer more choice, but only in season. Fortunately, potatoes store well if conditions are adequate.

The recipes in this invaluable book make up the majority of the book and each one is more mouth watering than the previous, carrying tips how to achieve perfection.

The nutritive value of potatoes is well known. What most fail to recognize is that what makes potatoes fattening is the fat with which they are cooked and served.

Follow the recipes in this book and you will understand how valuable they can be.

Highly recommended.

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