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Book Review: 500 Best-Value Wines in The L.C.B.O 2016


500 Best-Value Wines in The L.C.B.O 2016)
(The Definitive Guide To The Best Wine Deals In The L.C.B.O)
Rod Phillips
Whitecap Books, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
268 pages, $ 19.95

This handy book by long-time wine writer Rod Phillips covers most, if not all, wines on offer by the L C B O (general list and Vintages Essentials) and which represent good value.

He tasted most of the wines the monopoly sells (except those blended by Ontario wineries mainly imported bulk wine with a miniscule amount of Ontario grown product) and practically all the wines recommended represent good to excellent value.

All listings contain the region of production; price, brief description and their sweetness scale from XD (extra dry) to S (sweet), and three others in between.

All white and red wines are grouped and listed by country.

Each country’s or region’s wine style and characteristics are provided on one page to give an idea of what you cane expect.

A book worth buying, if you like to enjoy different styles and look for a range of flavours.

L.C.B.O operates more than 600 stores in the province. Some stores carry all the products it sells, others an adequate, and a few limited selection pending on the market to which it caters.

In Toronto there are four all-brand stores.

Highly recommended


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