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Book Review: 500 Best Quinoa Recipes.

When Francisco Pizarro, one of the Spanish conquistadors arrived in “Inca Land”. The indigenous people had already selectively bred quinoa for thousands of years, and refined its taste. Inca agriculture was very advanced in selective breeding, and domesticating wild plants.

They called it la chisiya mama (the mother grain) and this “pseudo grain” fed the population of the Inca Empire.

It is a hardy seed, but can be prepared as a grain, is overbearing and nourishing plant closely related to spinach.

In the rural areas of the Andes Mountains of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile Quechua and Aymara, eat quinoa instead of corn or potatoes.

Quinoa can be cooked by simmering, or boiling, or baking, or by using the thermos method” (explained on page 12 in the book).

The author, a recipe developed and fitness instructor, hold a Ph. D. in sociology.

This informative book contains 500 imaginative, nutritious, and relatively easy to prepare recipes that health conscious individuals and people allergic to gluten can use safely.

Several pages at the beginning are devoted to buying and stocking the “quinoa pantry”.

High quality colour photographs of the quinoa plant and recipes provide excellent food presentation ideas for reader who value such details.

Highly recommended.

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