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Book Review: 55 Most Common Medicinal Herbs.

Before the establishment of the pharmaceutical industry, societies sought cures for a variety of illnesses using herbs ad medicinal plant roots. Many still continue to follow this natural way, most particularly Chinese, and to some extent African nations.

There is now renewed interest in herbal medicine in western industrialized countries. Enlightened people are starting to realize that manufactured remedies have considerably more adverse side effect than natural remedies.

Both authors have spend considerable time and effort compiling the information before presenting it in this eminently readable book in a logical fashion for the layman.

Did you know that garlic, in the right dosage can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol; or cranberry cures urinary tract infections and prevents them; or ginger helps digestion; or ginseng is good for stress and fatigue and strengthens the immune system; or hops can prevent insomnia, poor digestion even irritable bowel syndrome.

The first 74 pages explain in a detailed fashion various common diseases arthritis, anxiety, asthma, back pain, bladder infection, high blood pressure, breastfeeding complications, cholesterol, the common cold, just to name a few and which herbs can be used to cure or prevent them.

Part two starts with alfalfa and ends with willow.

This is an excellent reference book for all interested in herbs and herbal medicine. It is clearly written, contains a lot of valuable information and should be in the library of every family.

An excellent book at a reasonable cost.

Highly recommended!