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Book review: A Likely Story.

Eric Wright, the creator of Charlie Slater, Mel Pickett, Lucy Trimble, and Joe Barley characters, is a long time veteran of detective mystery novels.

The setting of this mystery is downtown Toronto, and from what the reader, who is familiar with the environment in that corner of the city, can determine, is Dundas and Yonge Streets and north of that intersection.

The author’s humour, and descriptive abilities seem to unsurpassed by other writers of the genre which results in vivid characters from different jurisdictions. He is very familiar with university human resources and hierarchy and brings these aspects of post-secondary education into his writing or more specifically into this mystery.

The writing flows well and the plot develops into unexpected directions making the reading interesting and exciting; in short t is a page-turner.

The disappearance of and evening program instructor renders this mystery all the more interesting and exciting since such things seldom happen at universities and when they happen the interest in them concerns and captivates all administrators.

A Likely Story is for those who like mystery novels, and readers interested in the finer details of English.

Highly recommended!


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