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Book Review: Agent Storm

Agent Storm, a pure white northern Danish, titian-haired, youth, involved in bands and selling drugs, discovers a copy of the Quran at a local library.

After reading a few pages, he becomes very interested to continued reading until librarians announce closing time.

He converts to Islam, and over time, makes enough Muslim friends,

which leads to an invitation into a highly secretive training camp in southern Yemen.

The story told here contains events that ordinary western European people cannot imagine. A James Bond movie cannot contain so much intrigue, and double crossing, deceit, and unimaginable amounts of funds western intelligence services spend on informers.

The book is definitely an eye opener for ordinary citizens anywhere.

Over time, agent Storm becomes disenchanted with his newfound religion and decides to work as a double agent for the Danish intelligence (MIT), the CIA, and MI 5 and 6.

He tells the reader how the British (MI5 and 6) informed him, how CIA pays large amounts, and later would spy on him with other double agents, and ultimately turn away from a valuable information source.

While reading this thrilling narrative, it may cross the reader’s mind how a tall redheaded Dane could penetrate the highest echelons of Muslim terrorist organizations.

After all, these people are well educated (by western institutions), have a lot of computer skills, and are masters of manipulating their members and wide-eyed western converts.

Another point that deserves         questioning is where the funds to manage all expenses for terrorist organizations are being generated. There are a lot of theories about this, but never concrete information.

He may have been a misfit in the orderly life of Denmark, but was clever enough to use his new-found religion to make him some money.

The story is well written, and researched by the two co-writers.

Agent Storm provides the first profound insight into a highly secretive terrorist organization whose objective it is to irritate and destroy the western civilisation to the extent possible.

Highly recommend. Hurry to get a copy before this book is out of print.

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