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Book review: Am I Making Myself Clear?

University and high school students may, at one time or another experience poor teaching, and poorly qualified teachers. The qualification I am referring to is the talent, will, ability, and interest to impart knowledge. Teaching requires well-developed communication skills.

Some individuals are simply poor speakers, but are very interested in their laboratory work research and/or writing. Some scientists are shy, articulate poorly, speak too fast or too slow, above the level of comprehension of their audience, and use too much jargon. Students become frustrated. Some get turned off the subject matter altogether, or skip classes. This is a shame, for many intelligent and potentially valuable individuals are forever lost to the science.

Cornelia Dean, a science writer, former science editor of New York Times, and seminar leader, knows all about poor communication skills and decided to wrote this valuable and unique book to help scientists to speak in public, handle the media, and describe their work to a lay audience, on paper, on line, on TV and over the air waves.

This book will improve the tone and content of debate of critical subject matters and issues.

People are interested in topical issues – health care, policy, weapons of mass destruction, an aging infrastructure, stem cell research, endangered species, space exploration and many others, but scientists most qualified to produce in-depth and valuable information fail to explain their research results and facts in lay terms. The use jargon and lose their audience from the beginning.

In this book, Cornelia Dean succeeded in explaining how they should summarize their research results, and write in short clear and comprehensive sentences.

Another valuable aspect of this book is the explanation of how to speak, articulate, dress and behave during an interview.

Am I making myself clear? Should be mandated reading for all professors, teachers, public speakers and scientists who want their message heard.

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