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Book review: American Hotel Stories.

Americans Hotels


Fransisca Matteoli

Assouline Publishing, New York

150 pages, Electronic version directly from the publisher $ 45.00

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Most, if not all, modern American hotels are commercial and utilitarian buildings offering little or no aesthetic value to the visitor.

In this huge and wealthy country, there are still old, well-established, charming, architecturally interesting hotels that need to be discovered by travellers who value such aspects of a stay. They look at the setting, the architecture, the interior of the hotel, service, elegance, comfort, and not surprisingly, in food and beverage facilities.

Fransisca Matteoli is a lucky individual who could afford to stay in select American hotels and experience their history, elegance and everything else that goes along with memorable accommodation and a stay.

She stayed in The Raleigh, Florida, Arizona Biltmore, Hotel Chelsea, New York City, Rainbow Ranch Lodge, Montana, Colorado Trails Ranch, The Lenox in new York City, Maison de Ville in new Orleans, Fairmont Hotel in new Orleans before Katrina hot the city, and many too numerous to mention here.

Each hotel’s history is told which famous writer, or virtuoso stayed there, how service is delivered, and the flavour of food. This is a guidebook and portmanteau of traveller’s tales, and stories from yesteryear and modern.

Spectacular photographs richly enhance each hotel description and experience.

These hotels combine disparate elements – Hollywood glamour, resonant and historical elements and literary association, unabashed flamboyance, and much panache.

Prices given are dated, but each hotel’s website will help you discover toady’s prices.

This book is for those who like to stay in “storied” hotels where true hospitality and attention to detail still play supreme importance.

Highly recommended to all hotel managers, and old and young travellers who like to travel in style.

American Hotel Stories

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