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Book review: Apples I Have Eaten.

This book was written by an apple-lover fro people who enjoy this ancient fruit, now one of the most popular all over the world.

There are more than 7500 apple varieties. Some were created by nature, other were specifically developed for certain climates, or taste, or texture, or for out-of-hand eating.

Although there are so many apple varieties, grocery stores in North America carry only a small fraction of them all, never exceeding five or six.

This author visited California orchards specializing in heirloom, apple varieties in an attempt to discover their taste and texture.

During these trips he photographed each apple first, and then ate to determine its taste, and texture.

He starts with Arkansas black, continues with Autumn gold, Baldwin, Belle de Boskoop, Black twig, Braeburn, Burgundy, Empire, Fiesta (Red pipin), Fuji, Gala, Golden Supreme, Goldrush, Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Hidden rose, Hakuto, Hudson’s golden gem, Jonathan, Mollie;s delicious, Mutsu, New Pippin, Pink earl, Prairie spy, Red lort, Red delicious, Red Rome )aka Rome beauty), Rhode island greening, Sausa, Sierra beauty, Spartan, Spitzenberg, Splendour, Summerfield, Swaar, Red Foxy, Tohoku, Wenatchee early, White winter pearmain, Wickson, Winter red and Wolf river.

Of all the above apples, maybe specializied greengrocer would offer 10. By experience we know that grocers bring in a variety if and when there is sufficient demand.

People interested in apples should make a point to ask fruit department managers to bring various varieties. Only them will the selection improve.

Unfortunately, the author has not attempted to describe the taste and texture of each apple variety, but the pictures are beautiful and the book is worth the price.

It is clear to me that the author included a picture of apples he liked.

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