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Book Review: Backpackers & Flashpackers in Eastern Europe.

Hardie Karges loves to travel light and unencumbered but always takes his laptop.

He has been travelling, mostly backpacking, for decades and knows most of the “tricks of the trade”, i.e how to seek out interesting destination, interesting but interesting accommodation, means of transportation, and “sniffing” the least expensive and most expeditious deals offered by small independent travel “shops”.

This is a book based on his experiences in recently opened up eat European tourist destination that are interesting and affordable, and accessible to western tourists in general, and backpackers in particular.

The first part of the book provides invaluable advice about travelling, especially to young and inexperienced tourists.

Every year, thousands, if not millions of high school graduates take a year off to travel, see and experience the world spending as little as possible, seeking hostels more than hotels.

Hostels offer reasonably prices accommodation providing only beds in dormitory-style, but make available cooking facilities, some broadband connection, and safety boxes for valuables.

The advice provided is practical, valuable and up-to-date.

Country descriptions are pithy, to the point, and well observed. You will not find any promotional literature that accurately and honestly describes the true prevailing conditions in any country. This book does.

The hostel list provides addresses, and all the amenities each establishment offers.

This is an excellent book fro any backpacker and young adventurous individual.

Highly recommended.