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Book Review: Bake Something Great.

As the festive season is approaching people bake more, and plan baking squares, bars and cookies. There is no doubt that home baked foods taste better and are free of additives.

In addition, your family and friends appreciate home baked more, rather than store bought products or worse manufactured ones packed attractively and expensively.

Jill Snider, an accomplished food stylist, recipe developer with a quarter-of-a-century baking experience, has done the research and presents 400 delicious recipes in a binder.

Richly illustrated, this is an invaluable book for the home baker, and those who want to start a business to produce and market honest-to-goodness baked goods.

The book starts with an excellent introduction outlining equipment needs and how they facilitate your work, plus tips for success.

Several charts provide information on pan sizes, quality of metal, ingredient equivalents and more.

Baking bars and squares are relatively easy, require few ingredients, and take little time to produce.

The recipes have been carefully tested and tasted by a panel to ensure success.

These tasty treats can be welcome additions to mid-afternoon snacks, or special occasions, celebrations, or community bake sales.

Each recipe is given in standard North American and metric measurements including tips for success.

Highly recommended.

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