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Book review: Baking for All Occasions.

Home baking seems to be an activity practised less and less. For most homemakers, time is valuable and while baking may involve lengthy preparations, the results of practised baking are rewarding, and cost much less than store bought merchandise.

Every day brings opportunities for baking something delicious, and this book provides ample recipes to pursue something as enjoyable as baking.

In this book Flo Baker, veteran homemaker and baking teacher, past president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, offers more than 200 recipes. All come with exact measurements (in American and metric) and detailed instructions that can lead to success, but only if you follow her instructions and are familiar with the fundamentals of baking Recipes are divided into cakes, cookies, pastries and more.

Port one outlines all procedures, techniques, the importance of accurate measuring, and quality of ingredients, equipment, and all baking fundamentals.
This lengthy chapter is well worth the price of the book.

Recipes are a bonus.
Part four of Baking for All Occasions provides a list of specialized companies throughout the U S A and their web sites.

Baking is an old, and honourable art and science. Bakers in old-world counties are highly respected professionals and bread represents a large part of the diet. But not only are bakers respected, pastry cooks too enjoy an exalted reputation. Their craft is regarded as artistic and appealing both to the sight and palate. In pastry making all recipes are more equations than recipes, and everything must be measured or weighed very accurately to achieve good results, but then the artistic part comes in for decorations, selecting colours, fillings and shapes.

Flo Baker has thousands of fans (her present and formers students), and all rave about her ability to teach and create recipes that work.

In her recipes all ingredients are available in most grocery stores, and for very special ingredients you can confidently use the sources provided in the book.
Her sweets and treats are well-conceived and relatively easy to master with a little effort and baking expertise.

In the end, baking becomes perfect with practice and will delight friends, family, and students with rewarding creations.

This book provides opportunities to create them.

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